The USA Canada and Mexico Max Plan comes with 6GB data.  

You may have purchased additional data packs.

Please note that data from the additional data pack/s are used first, and when the data is used up, you automatically start using the 6GB data in your main plan.

You may receive text messages from AT&T saying your data is running low - however this is most likely an indication that your extra data packs are almost exhausted.  

To check your total remaining data balance:  on your phone, dial *777*3# and then press call/dial. Your remaining data balance should appear on your screen.

If you use up all of the 6GB data in your main plan, you can continue using data but your speed is reduced significantly to 128kbps (about the speed of dial up internet).  If your data speeds are suddenly slow, then it means you have used up all of the 6GB included data, and you may then purchase additional high speed data packs.   Please click here to find out how to buy extra data packs.