These are the SIM Card activation instructions for USA SIM Cards purchased from

If you ordered the AT&T SIM Card, the activation instructions are shown below.

If you ordered the T-Mobile SIM Card (which is pink & black in colour) then you must click here for the activation instructions for T-Mobile SIM Cards.


You must request activation of your SIM Card at least 48 hours before you arrive in the USA. A $50 activation fee will apply if you wait until you get to the USA to request activation.

STOP! If you are NOT using an iPhone (e.g., you have a Samsung, HTC, Huawei etc etc) then your phone might not work on the AT&T network after network changes earlier this year. Click here to check if your phone is compatible BEFORE requesting activation of your SIM Card.

STOP! iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S or iPhone 4 will NOT work on the AT&T network. Do not activate your SIM Card - it won't work and you won't get a refund.

STOP! Have you received a pink & black T-Mobile SIM Card? If so, click here for the T-Mobile SIM Card activation instructions.

STOP! Are you already in the USA and forgot to request activation? Click here to read what to do. DO NOT request the activation of your SIM Card as set out below.

STOP! Are you already in the USA and you inserted the SIM Card into your phone before the date you requested for activation? Click here to read what to do. 

Did you know that we also sell a UK & Europe SIM Card? Click here for the details.

Here's a summary of how you activate your SIM Card:

1. Wait until you get your SIM Card;

2. Go to the Activation Request Website at least 48 hours prior to when you want to start using your SIM Card;

3. At the Activation Request Website, enter the USA date you want your SIM Card to start working. We'll then schedule your SIM Card 30 day plan to start on that date (activation takes place before 

5am on the date you select).

4 Read all the information on this website as there's very important details about using your SIM Card: if you don't read it all, your SIM Card might not work properly or at all, and you won't get a refund.

Here's how to activate your USA SIM Card:

Click here to go to the Activation Request Website, and follow the instructions. Remember you MUST request activation at least 48 hours before you arrive in the USA and if you forget to do so, and only request activation when you arrive in the USA, a $50 activation fee will apply.

MUST READ! Important information about using your USA SIM Card

1. How do I insert the SIM Card? You have received a 3-in-1 SIM Card, meaning you can use it as a nano SIM, micro SIM or standard SIM. Just pop out the correct size SIM for your phone. The SIM Card will definitely fit your phone. If you don't know what size SIM Card fits your phone just do a Google search. You can insert the SIM Card into your phone whenever you wish, but bear in mind it won't work at all in Australia. Remember to take your phone's SIM eject tool with you.

2. What's my USA mobile number? The phone number for your SIM Card is only allocated upon activation on the date you request. To find out your phone number, wait until you arrive in the USA and check in your phone settings to find your number. 

On an iPhone, go to Settings, Phone, My Number.

On an Android phone, go to Settings, About Phone, or go to About Device, or Status, or Phone Identity.

Or do a Google search about how to find your phone number for your phone, for example "How do I find the phone number for my Samsung G871 phone"

Or if you are traveling with someone else using our USA SIM Card, you could call their number and look at what phone number appears on their phone screen.

Need to know your USA number before you leave for the USA? If you need to know your phone number prior to your departure to the USA, we can offer this for an additional fee of $50 (was $35 but we've had to increase this due to the current exchange rate). The reason there is a fee is because we need to activate the SIM Card outside the usual activation method which costs more for us (we pay then the full retail price for the activation). If you want to know your number prior to departure, email us at for more information. 

Alternatively you could request an activation date that is a few days prior to when you depart to the USA (and then email us on that date to find out your number) but bear in mind if you do this then Day 1 of 30 is the activation date you request (Day 1 would NOT be the day you arrive in the USA)

3. How long does my SIM Card work for? It works for 30 days, with day 1 being the date you request it to be activated. After 11:59pm US Central Time on the 30th day your SIM Card will stop working (you won't even be able to receive calls and texts). If you're staying in the USA for longer than 30 days you can recharge on our website at and get another 30 days (it's only possible to recharge for a full 30 days). It's actually cheaper to just buy a second SIM Card (or multiple SIM Cards rather than recharging, so you may wish to buy another SIM Card if you're staying longer than 30 days.

4. Can I call Australian numbers? Yes, but only if you purchased the International Calling Pack. Otherwise just do what most of our customers do and use apps like WhatsApp, Viber, FaceTime and Facebook Messenger to call and send messages to family and friends back home.

5. Not using an iPhone? If you are NOT using an iPhone, you must change a setting in your phone to enable it to connect to the AT&T network (it's called the "APN" and you'll find the details below).

6. Using an iPhone? If you ARE using an iPhone, you must delete/remove any profiles that have been installed on your phone. Go to Settings, then General, and scroll to the bottom. If you see any profiles then delete them. If you don't see any profiles then none are installed and so there's nothing to delete.

7. Going to Canada or Mexico? You must turn data roaming to "ON" in your phone settings when the USA SIM Card is in your phone whenever you're in Canada or Mexico.

8. Ignore the SMS text messages from AT&T? Upon first use of your USA SIM Card you might receive some SMS text messages from AT&T saying your plan is about to expire and/or needs to be refilled. Ignore these text messages.

9. How do I check my data balance? Dial *777*3# and press call. Your data balance will appear on your phone screen. The Extreme Plan has unlimited data so you won't see a balance of your remaining data.

10. How do people back home call or text me? They need to call or text you using international format. If your USA phone number was 3101234567, they would call +13101234567 from a mobile phone, 001113101234567 from a landline phone, and they would text +13101234567. The actual "+" symbol must be used. The person calling or texting you will pay the cost of an international call or text. It is free for you to receive calls and texts.

11. How do I call or text Australian numbers? You'll need to call or text you using international format. That means removing the first 0 of the Australian number, and replacing it with +61 (you must enter the actual "+" symbol). For example +61404123456 or +61299991234. Remember that you can only call Australian numbers if you purchased the International Calling Pack.

12. How do I call or text an American number? Just call or text the number without adding any prefixes. If you wanted to call or text 3101234567, just dial or text as 3 1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7.

13. How do I call or text someone else using your USA SIM Card? Just call or text the number without adding any prefixes. If you wanted to call or text 3101234567, just dial or text as 3 1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7.

14. HELP! My SIM Card isn't working what can I do? If your SIM Card isn't working, we request that you first restart your phone as this often fixes most issues. That means turning the power completely off and back on. If you still experience issues, you can email us at or you can chat to us on WhatsApp at +447400500945.

15. Weird name on my account? If for any reason you need to access your AT&T SIM Card account you'll notice a random name assigned to the SIM Card -- don't worry this is intentional! When we activate SIM Cards we need to input a name (any name!) to complete the activation. For privacy reasons we do not use your real name, so we enter a randomly generated name. It doesn't affect your account - it's simply a required field we need to fill during activation.

15. Can I use voicemail? Yes, if you would like to set-up voicemail then go to this website for instructions:

16. Problems accessing your Bigpond or Optusnet email? You will need to log into your @Bigpond or @Optusnet email address via a web browser. You won't be able to access it through your regular mail app as ISPs use their own unique mail servers. 

17. Problems using iMessage on your iPhone? First try turning iMessage off for a few minutes, then back on, in your iPhone settings. Also go into your iMessage settings to see which number/s are active and which number is the default number being used.

Changing APN settings

If you are NOT using an iPhone, for example, you're using a Samsung phone (or ANY OTHER phone that is NOT an iPhone), then you may need to change the APN settings on your phone so that it can connect to the AT&T network in the USA.

You do NOT need to change the APN if you are using an iPhone.

Often the AT&T network automatically changes the APN in your phone settings when you first connect to the network. Sometimes it doesn't because of the type of phone you are using, the version of the software on it etc. So if data/internet isn't working on your phone, then change the APN as shown here on the AT&T website.