Excellent question!

Here's why we think you should buy a USA sim card from us:

  • Our USA phone sim card is delivered to you in Australiaprior to your departure to the USA;
  • The USA phone sim card is pre-activated and ready for use immediately upon landing in the USA.  No further activation steps are required by you.  Simply put the sim card into your phone and turn your phone on and you'll be connected to the USA AT&T mobile network;
  • No need to stuff around when you get to the USA getting a local sim card.  Do you really want to go looking for a phone shop after a 14 hour flight and arriving in the USA at 6am? No being refused a sim card because you don't have a USA Social Security Number or a USA credit card;
  • You'll get a local USA mobile number which you'll know prior to your departure to the USA, so you can give it to airlines, transfer bus services, hotels (they're unlikely to want to pay for an international call to call your Australian mobile number) and you can also list your USA mobile number on the SmartTraveller.gov.au website;
  • Our phone plans comes with a lot of data which you'll need for Google Maps, Viber, Facebook, Whatsapp, Email, etc.  You could easily go through more than 50MB in just a few minutes on Google Maps, Facebook etc.  Click here to read about the three different phone sim card plans we offer;
  • If you're going with friends/family members and everyone has a USA sim card from us and you're on the USA Extreme Plans you'll have unlimited free calls and SMS to each other.
  • Our sim cards are 100% backed by America's biggest and best mobile network - AT&T. Should you have any issues when you're in the USA, you'll be able to contact us 24/7 on our USA support line, or you'll be able to contact AT&T directly for help.
  • We're 100% Australian owned and operated.

Here's a video of a speed test conducted on an Australian iPhone 6 using a sim card from www.usaprepaidsimcard.com.au: