Here's the essential information:

1. You can buy your sim card at anytime prior to your departure date, but we don't send your sim card to you until about 2-3 weeks prior to your departure date.  We send sim cards from our Sydney depot.  

2. You can choose Registered Post or Express Post.  Registered Post takes 5-10 business days to be delivered, and Express Post will be delivered the day after we post it provided you're in the Australia Post express post network.  If you urgently need a sim card you don't need to call or email us.  Just order and choose Express Post and we dispatch on the next business day (we don't dispatch on the same day as you order.

3. When you order, you specify the USA date you want your 30 day plan to start, and that's the date your 30 day plan starts.  If you're staying longer than 30 days you can recharge for another 30 days on our website.

4. We don't have a shop or office, and we can't take orders over the phone.  You'll need to order online on our website, paying with Paypal, Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

5. There are three phone plans to choose from.  Please click here to read about them.

6. Your phone must be network unlocked to use the USA sim card.

7. If you're also visiting Canada or Mexico, you can use our USA Canada and Mexico Extreme Plan or our USA Canada and Mexico Max Plan.  But you must first use the sim card in the USA to be able to thereafter use it in Canada or Mexico.  If you're not travelling first to the USA, then your sim card will not start working until you reach the USA.  There are no strictly no exceptions to this.

8. Your sim card comes to you pre-activated and your 30 day plan starts on the date you specified in your order.  No further activation is required by you.  If you're not using an iPhone (for example, you have a Samsung, Android etc) you will need to make a small setting change on your phone and full instructions are provided.  If you're able to follow instructions, you'll be able to make this setting change.

9. Your sim card comes with a local USA mobile number.

And now here's more detailed information:

Are you going to the USA (and Canada or Mexico)?  Want to avoid the hassle of international roaming costs?  Want it all set up before you leave Australia?  Then we can help you!

At you can use your own phone, iPad, Tablet or Wi-Fi hotspot in the USA without incurring expensive international roaming costs.  

Going to Canada and/or Mexico as well?  We have two phone plans that work in the USA, Canada and Mexico!

Our sim cards are 100% backed by America's biggest and best mobile network - AT&T.  Should you have any issues when you're in the USA, you'll be able to contact us 24/7 on our USA support line, or you'll be able to contact AT&T directly for help.

Left it to the last minute?  Just choose Express Post on our website (you don't need to call or email us to get it sent to you Express Post).

Need a sim card for your phone?

Getting a sim card for your phone is easy:

1. You choose the size of sim card you need (nano, micro or mini/standard) - each sim card costs $45.  Not sure what size sim card you need?  Click here to read more.

2. You choose the plan you want (plans range in price from $42 to $95).  To find out more about all the phone plans, what's included and the prices, just click here.

3. We deliver your phone sim card to you and it comes pre-activated and ready for use from the date you specify in your order as your departure date.

Need a sim card for your iPad, Tablet or Hotspot?

Getting a sim card for your iPad, Tablet or Hotspot is easy:

1. You choose the size of sim card you need (nano, micro or mini/standard) - each sim card costs $45. Not sure what size sim card you need? Click here to read more.

2. When you receive the sim card, you complete the activation and set-up of your sim card by following the included instructions, and then you purchase a data plan (2GB for $25USD, 5GB for $50USD or 8GB for $75USD). 

Our phone, iPad, Tablet and Hotspot sim cards are very different to other Travel Sim products (e.g. Australia Post Travel Sim) because it's a USA Sim Card, so you enjoy the same prices as a local American.  Other Travel Sim products tend to be quite expensive, particularly for using data.  And you're probably going to need a lot of data, right?  For things like Facebook, Instagram, Google Maps, WhatsApp, Viber, Hotspot, Email etc etc.

Check out our one minute explainer video below: in 1 minute! from Nick Brennan on Vimeo. in 1 minute! from Nick Brennan on Vimeo.