If you've chosen the USA Daily Plan, it is essential that you understand how this plan works.  

On the USA Daily Plan you get $30USD of included credit.  On days that you use the phone to make or receive a call or send an SMS, you'll be charged $2, and then for the remainder of that day you receive unlimited calls to USA numbers, unlimited SMS to USA numbers and unlimited SMS to Australian mobiles.

So this means if you use your phone for 15 straight days, all of the $30USD credit will get used up, and your phone will stop working (you won't even be able to receive calls or receive SMS).  If you run out of credit, you may add additional credit - click here to read more.

Please also note that some usage of your phone is NOT included in the USA Daily Plan, and will use up the $30USD credit.  Set out below is the type of usage and its cost that is NOT included:

  • Calls to Australia (at $1.09/min, unless you separately purchased the International Call Pack which gives you 250 minutes of calls to Australian landline only); and
  • MMS/picture messages to Australia (at 75c/each); and
  • Calls, SMS or MMS to other non-USA numbers (for example Australia Post Travel Sim or Woolworths Travel Sim) (approx $1/min for calls and 25c/SMS); and
  • Paying for data usage (at 1c/5KB which is 20c/MB or $20 for 100MB).

To ensure that data usage does not use up your credit, you turn cellular data OFF on your phone (because apps often automatically download data).  Turning cellular data off is different to turning roaming off.  Roaming should be off by default on your phone but you must also turn cellular data off.  To turn cellular data off on an iPhone go to Settings, Cellular and toggle off the Cellular Data button.  For other phones please turn off cellular data in your phone settings.