To check if your mobile phone is already unlocked, insert into it a sim card from a different network.  For example, if your iPhone is with Telstra, insert an Optus or Vodafone sim card. 

If your phone connects to the different network then your phone is unlocked: please verify  that you actually see the different network signal bars on your phone.  If there are any error messages, or your phone displays "SOS Only" or "Invalid SIM", then this means your phone is not unlocked. 

[You must use a different network sim card.  Some providers actually use the same network (for example Amaysim uses the Optus network, so if your phone is with Amaysim you can't use an Optus sim card for this step).  Borrow a friend's sim card or buy a $2 starter sim card from Woolworths, Safeway or Coles (there's no need to activate that sim card or add credit to it - literally take it out of the packaging and put it into your phone.]

You cannot use the USA SIM card to test if your phone is unlocked because the USA SIM card will not connect to any network in Australia. 

Please do not call or email us to ask us if your phone is unlocked.  The above information is the ONLY way to be 100% certain that your phone is unlocked.  If you're not sure if your phone is unlocked, then neither will we!

If your phone is locked, click here to read about how to unlock it.