Our sim cards are with the AT&T mobile network - America's largest nationwide mobile network, servicing the USA, Hawaii, the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico and giving voice, SMS and 3G/4G data.  AT&T is America's most reliable network and covers more than 99% of America's population 

(Source: http://www.att.com/network/en/index.html?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Winback&source=ECQT0000060V01V9E)

Should you have any issues when you're in the USA, you'll be able to contact us 24x7 on our USA Support Line, or you'll be able to contact AT&T directly for help.

To view AT&T network coverage in a specific area please click here.  

(The coverage map shows the scope of your coverage area. Map depicts an approximation of outdoor coverage. Actual coverage area may differ substantially from area shown on map, as coverage may be affected by terrain, weather, foliage, buildings and other construction, signal strength, customer equipment and other factors which do not allow AT&T to guarantee coverage or network availability.)


We provide genuine AT&T sim cards - not through a mobile network that resells the AT&T network - meaning you'll be connected directly to the AT&T network.  And they're not cut to size sim cards either.

You can find out more information about AT&T on their Wikipedia page by clicking here or by going to their corporate website by clicking here.

The AT&T network operates on the following frequencies:

3G/UMTS/HSPA+: 850MHz and 1900MHz

LTE/4G: 700MHz, 1700MHz and 2100MHz.

This means that ALL iPhones are fully compatible for calls, SMS and high speed data/mobile web.

All Wi-Fi/Cellular iPads (ie iPads with a sim card) are fully compatible for high speed data/mobile web.

Most other mobile phones, tablets, USB Modems and Wi-Fi hotspots are also compatible.

To check if your mobile phone is compatible please click here.

To check if your Tablet is compatible please click here.

To check if your USB Modem or Wi-Fi Hotspot is compatible please click here.

Check below for videos of speed tests conducted on an Australian iPhone 6 using a sim card from www.usaprepaidsimcard.com.au:

New York City speed test

Omaha, Nebraska speed test