All unlocked iPhones (including the most model iPhone), and most other unlocked recent model (<3 year old) mobile phones are compatible with the USA phone sim card for calls, texts and data.

If your phone is unlocked and operates on any of the following frequencies, it will work with the USA sim card:

  • 3G/UMTS 850/1900 MHz
  • 4G/LTE 700 MHz

The table below provides some more information:

Type of phone Compatible with the USA phone sim card?

Any model iPhone, including the new iPhone X

Yes (provided that your iPhone is network unlocked - click here to read more about unlocking your iPhone).

A mobile phone currently on the Telstra 3G/NextG network

Yes (provided that your phone is network unlocked from Telstra - click here to read more about unlocking your phone).  

Telstra and AT&T use the same frequency for their network (850Mhz) hence a Telstra phone is compatible with the USA phone sim card.

Other mobile phones

Most likely yes - please read the further notes below

Other mobile phones

Most other mobile phones are compatible and that includes Samsung Galaxy and most other Smartphones.  But it is important that you check.  Your phone must also be unlocked to use the USA sim card.  To find out more about unlocking your phone please click here).

How to check if your mobile phone is compatible

Simply go to and search for the exact make and model of your phone by entering its details in the search field in the top right.  When you have located the page with your phone's details, have a look next to the "General" information about 3G and 4G Network:

(a) If 3G Network includes 850 or 1900 then your phone is compatible for calls, SMS and 3G data.  

(b) If 4G Network includes 700 MHz then your phone is compatible for calls, SMS and 4G data.

Please note that the AT&T 2G network has been permanently shutdown.


If all this confuses you or you're just lazy, email us at with a link to your exact phone on (if you don't send us a link to your phone we can't help you).